Rita Row

Rita Row was born in Figueres (Girona) in June 2013 and is made of two halves: Imma Serra and Xènia Semis. Since its beginnings, the brand has set a very clear goal: to create elegant, comfortable, and functional clothing. Inspired by the image of a modern, hardworking, and liberated woman, Rita Row created a culture of design and production. Rita Row is committed to sustainable production and high-quality standards; which is an added value to their work philosophy. This is a project with an integral soul, that combines tradition, strong principles, design and exclusivity. The brand offers a new generation of high-quality clothing for women who look for a distinctive outfit. Rita is a woman who looks for comfort, quality and style, all in the same article of clothing. This imaginary character is a source of inspiration to the Mediterranean designers made for a modern, hard-working, and liberated woman. Each collection is inspired by a theme, creating delicate and simple clothes with a contemporary, urban and comfortable elegance. Rita’s universe has the Mediterranean breeze that only things designed by the sea can have.