Le Mont St. Michel

Being part of a 4th generation of textile manufacturers, Brittany-based Alexandre Milan was able to rejuvenate his family DNA by setting up his own label Le Mont Saint Michel.
When Milans ancestors started producing textile in 1918 the fruits of their craftsmanship was well respected by other designers. Agnès B, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Claudie Pierlot, they all knew where to find the perfect knit. To look for the right yarn, the right technique and to source the right factory to produce it, are skills Milan inherited from his parents. Now the family legacy lives on under a new direction, a new name and a new look.
 “My grandmother was the boss of the textile company set up by my great-grandmother in 1918. She was an amazing woman of the romantic type. She liked the idea of owning a castle, inviting friends and organizing cultural events. She contributed a lot to renovate the whole park and she really loved living here. But it took my dad, a real businessman, to take the company to another level. In the fifties Le Tricotages de L’Aa went from 40 to 270 employees. From a very young age I was involved in the family company and now it’s time to get involved into something else”, says Milan.