Fabienne Morel

FABIENNE MOREL is the result of Swiss designer Fabienne Morel’s passion for three things: beading, dancing and textiles. Trained at CSM and Lucerne College of Art and Design, she creates colorful stories with beading which are then developed into textile prints for silk scarves, and vice versa. She also teaches primary school arts & crafts in Switzerland, referring to her situation as “the perfect mix.”

Heavily influenced by ‘80s and ‘90s club and pop culture, as well as post-modernist design, the intricately beaded rocaille pieces that Fabienne creates are rich in historical references. Strong geometrics recall classic album covers as well as an exploration of spiritualism, making for edgy, distinctive pieces that are wearable on a daily basis.

Morel herself works in a very intuitive, spiritual way, valuing honesty and meticulous attention to detail in her hand-stitched pieces. Just like the post-modernist designers, she sees her designs being applied across many different media, but values above all the creativity that her own label allows her to express.

Using sustainable, high-quality materials (including beads from Japan) and production methods, Fabienne Morel’s annual collections are designed to be timeless, slotting seamlessly into your wardrobe no matter what the prevailing trend.