LULU Copenhagen

LULU is a contemporary danish designer accessories brand based in Copenhagen – the scandinavian capital of design.

Being born and raised in Denmark design is part of your DNA, and building a women’s accessory company out of Copenhagen, design and thinking design automatically becomes the core part of your products, beliefs and business.

We believe good design tells a story in its simplicity and that it helps you express your design beliefs and statements. We also measure good design in being everlasting and true to both its use of materials and its surroundings. We also believe good design only exists due to high quality craftsmanship, a high level of detail, great materials and to everything around it from packaging to customer service.

Only a few years old but already available in department stores and high-end boutique shops, we are happy to have found a shared passion for design, art and fashion with a large group of women around the world. Women with an interest in unique ideas, great storytelling and high quality products to a very fair price.